Criminal Restitution and Victim Compensation


It is the right of the victim of a crime to be reimbursed for losses caused directly by the commission of the crime. Restitution is the amount of money ordered by the court to repay the victim or the victim's insurance company for financial losses caused directly by the commission of the crime.

Crime Victims Compensation Board

Some victims of crime are eligible for compensation from the Crime Victims Compensation Board.  The Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board provides victims with financial assistance for loss of earnings and out-of-pocket loss for injuries sustained as a direct result of violent crime. This includes reasonable medical care, mental health counseling or other services necessary as a result of the injury. In the event of the death of the victim, reasonable medical expenses and the partial cost of funeral, burial or cremation is reimbursable.

Personal property loss is not covered, with the exception of clothing and bedding seized as evidence.

To review more information, you can view the Kansas Attorney General's informational brochure.  You can also review, print or download the Application Form.