Domestic Violence & Sexual Assualt

The Leavenworth County Attorney is the beneficiary of a grant through the Violence Against Women Grant Program. The funds are distributed by the State of Kansas through the Kansas Governor’s Grants Program. This allows a focused effort toward prosecuting cases involving domestic violence and sexual assault.

An American Bar Association Commission defines Domestic Violence as a learned behavior that includes the following acts committed against a family or household member: assault, battery, forced sex, destruction of property, violation of a protective order, threats, unlawful restraint, stalking, or kidnapping.

Misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence that occur within Leavenworth County are prosecuted in a special Domestic Violence Court that hears cases every Monday at 8:00 am in courtroom 5 in the Justice Center. Police departments from Leavenworth, Lansing, Basehor, Tonganoxie, as well as the Leavenworth Sheriff’s Department refer cases involving domestic violence to the County Attorney to prosecute. Misdemeanor offenses include
assault, battery, criminal damage to property, violation of a protective order, criminal restraint, or 1st offense stalking.

Felony crimes of domestic violence are prosecuted in District Court. Felonies include Aggravated assault, aggravated battery, criminal threat, repeat offense stalking, or kidnapping.

The goal of the County Attorney is to impose a combination of incarceration, fines, monitored probation, batterer intervention programs, mental health treatment, or substance abuse treatment to deter future incidents of domestic violence.

As part of the investigation and prosecution of a case, a victim/witness specialist from the County Attorney’s office meets with victims of such crimes within 2-3 days following an incident. That meeting is to ensure that victims are advised of the court proceedings that will follow, as well as what services are available in Leavenworth County for victims of domestic violence.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault involves any sexual activity to which the victim does not consent. Most sex offenses are felonies and are punishable by imprisonment with the Kansas Department of Corrections.

When a rape or other sexual assault call comes into any of the police departments or sheriff’s department, a protocol for investigating and collecting evidence goes into effect. If necessary, a Police Response Advocate (PRA) will contact a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) to make arrangements to open the Sexual Assault Center for the purpose of conducting a sexual assault examination. The evidence obtained from that
examination is provided to the County Attorney’s office to aid in prosecuting the case.

The goal of a sexual assault prosecution is to remove a dangerous individual from the community and ensure that the victim maintains dignity and a sense of security following a traumatic incident.