Care and Treatment Services

When there is reason to believe a person may be suffering from a mental illness such that he or she is exhibiting behavior that may be harmful to that person or others, an involuntary commitment proceeding may be necessary. The County Attorney will prepare all necessary papers and appear at hearings to present evidence from Qualified Mental Health Professionals to assist the Court in determining whether a person is in need of evaluation and treatment in a treatment facility.

Typically, a Mental Health Screening Report is received by the County Attorney from an area physician, psychologist, therapist, or other licensed mental health professional concerning the current behavior of a person. A petition is filed in Court, and the person is admitted into a state facility
for evaluation. If the person’s condition is determined to be a threat to their safety, or the safety of others or, that person is unable to make rational decisions about their need for treatment, an Order of Commitment to a State Hospital can be ordered by the Court. Periodic reviews are required in order to ensure the person’s needs are being met, and to monitor the treatment process. The goal is to return the person to the
community with the appropriate treatment or counseling, in order to be productive and for the community to be safe from their behavior.

Statutes governing Care and Treatment proceedings can be found in Chapter 59 of the Kansas Probate Code.