Office Information

The Leavenworth County Attorney Office is located on the third floor of the Leavenworth Justice Center, 601 S. 3rd St. in Leavenworth, KS.  The office has total staff of 25 consisting of the County Attorney, the Deputy County Attorney, five Assistant County Attorney's and a support staff of 18.

The office works with local and state law enforcement agencies who submit reports involving involving approximately 3,000 suspects annually.  The office also handles nearly 4,000 traffic cases each year, as well as approximately 300 Child in Need of Care actions. 

In order to keep up with the demands of such a volume and variety of cases, the office strives to take full advantage of technology to be proactive in managing case loads.

A Digital Office
The Leavenworth County Attorney Office is one of the few county or district attorney offices in Kansas to make a transition to digital case files which are conveniently accessed through a web browser.  Prosecutors for the office go to court with a laptop in hand, as opposed to stacks of paper files.  The office has realized sizeable productivity gains by going digital.  The days of locating and updating physical file folders are a thing of the past.  Now all the prosecutors and support staff have nearly instant access to any criminal or juvenile case file.  Filing of documents into case files which used to be a very labor intensive task is now largely automated with thousands of documents automatically filed into case files each year.  The digital case file processes employed by the office were all developed in house using a combination of open source and off-the-shelf software. 

Management Reports & Meetings
The attorneys make use of regular reports to keep on top of the constant flow of cases submitted to them for review of possible charges.  Twice a month each prosecutor receives a spreadsheet which identifies all the cases submitted to them for review with all unresolved cases highlighted.

In addition to the distribution of regular case status reports, the attorney staff also meets on a regular basis to review upcoming court cases, discuss ongoing investigations and to make sure all the prosecutors are aware of any important changes in case law or statutes.