Jordan Hardgrove sentenced to firing handgun into an occupied dwelling




Jordan Hargrove was sentenced in Leavenworth County District Court for criminal discharge of a firearm at an occupied dwelling.   Leavenworth officers were informed in November of 2015 of shots being fired.  When they arrived on the scene, they saw Mr. Hargrove drop the handgun and run.  

Linda Kilpatrick convicted of criminal threat, violation of protection from abuse order.


Linda J. Kilpatrick by a jury in Leavenworth County District Court of a criminal threat, violation of a protection from abuse order, interference with law enforcement and disorderly conduct.  She was charged for an incident that occurred June 16 in Tonganoxie.



Kansas City Metro Area Prosecutors Summit


Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson attended a lunch meeting for Kansas City Metro Area Prosecutors to discuss methods to ensure transparency in officer involved shooting incidents and other topics. Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson, Miami County Attorney Elizabeth Sweeney-Reeder, Wyandotte District Attorney Jerry Gorman, Cass County Prosecutor Ben Butler, Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd, and Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker attended.

SCAM ALERT: Publishers Clearing House


People in the Leavenworth Community are receiving calls from Publisher’s Clearing House claiming they won 850,000 dollars.  The interesting thing on this scam is that the person calling will give a name, ID number, a winning Sweepstakes ID number, and a UPS tracking number for the prize.   The caller will then provide you with a telephone number to call to confirm  everything he told you was true and then to call him back to process your claim.  

The Publishers Clearing House website gives several helpful hints on how to avoid being scammed.   In contacting Publishers Clearing House, they said they will only contact a winner in person never by mail, email, social media, or telephone.    Publishers Clearing House provides an email address and telephone number to report scammers using their name and logo.

Attempted murder gets sentenced to 8 1/2 years


Monica Pyles was sentenced Friday to eight years and six months in prison for the attempted murder of a man she shot multiple times in the abdomen and neck.

Monica Anne Pyles, 30, shot the man last June at a Leavenworth house.

Investigators used cellphone records to show that Pyles was in the vicinity when the shooting occurred.

A man with Pyles at the time of the shooting was sentenced earlier to 10 months in prison for interference with a law enforcement officer.