Letter of Appreciation for Leavenworth County


Today I received a note of appreciation from Jerry Gorman, District Attorney for Wyandotte County. The note was to let me know how impressed he was with the citizens of Leavenworth County, and their support for Captain David Melton as we lined up along the street with our flags to pay our respects.  

What he witnessed is something I know well about our community.   We have always reached out to those in need, to honor our heroes, whether it’s the fallen solider being put to rest at Fort Leavenworth, or in this case, a fallen law enforcement officer.   We are a community that cares about people, regardless of race, religion, or ideology.  

What I also know about our community, is something that I know of Kansas as a whole. We embody our State motto, “To the Stars through difficulties.”   Times have been difficult lately and the world has seen too much blood-shed.  Too many of our law enforcement, our heroes, have been killed in the line of duty.  Right now most of what we hear from around the nation and world is blame, anger, resentment and hate.  But that’s what we hear.

What the great citizens of Leavenworth County showed on that Saturday is strength, solidarity, and love.   What Jerry Gorman wrote about is what I experience daily in working within our community.   I see the strength in our law enforcement even in the face of adversity and anger.  I see solidarity amongst our law enforcement in the cooperation the officers and other agencies share amongst themselves, and with our County Attorney’s office.   I see the love that our community has expressed to law enforcement through gifts, cards, and well-wishes.  

Thank you Leavenworth County.


Todd Thompson

Leavenworth County Attorney