Clayton Wilmer receives a 20 year sentence


Twenty-six year old Leavenworth resident Clayton Wilmer was sentenced to four charges in Leavenworth District Court today.  He received 19 years and five months with the Department of Corrections for criminal discharge of a firearm in an occupied vehicle, and another six months for aggravated endangering a child, (which is required by law to run consecutive to any other conviction).


The Court further ran Clayton Wilmer’s nearly 20 year sentence concurrent to another case involving the same victim in which Wilmer was sentenced to 16 years earlier this year.


In the case in which Wilmer was sentenced to 16 years, he was sentenced to Aggravated Battery, Robbery, Criminal Restraint and Intimidation of a Witness.  Those offenses were also domestic violence related and occurred in August, 2014 when Wilmer attacked his victim, breaking her jawbone and taking her phone.  He was convicted of those charges following a jury trial in January, 2016 and sentenced in March.    Due to the Court’s decision, Wilmer is only facing 19 years and 11 months sentences for all these cases.    These cases are to run consecutive to his 2011 conviction for distributing marijuana which he is currently serving an 18 month sentence.


The sentencing today were from charges that arose on October 24, 2014 near a residence on South 10th Street, in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Witnesses testified during the trial that Wilmer had been texting his former girlfriend throughout the day.  He then approached the former girlfriend as she was getting into her car with another male and her infant daughter.   According to the testimony, Wilmer fired a shot from a 9 mm handgun into the car and struck the male in the right leg.  He then pointed the handgun at the male.  The daughter of Wilmer and his former girlfriend was in the backseat of the car.  A witness who was driving in the area observed Wilmer running north on 10 Street, stop and throw the handgun into a storm drain and continue running north.   He was then observed discarding a coat and hat into a creek north of Shawnee Street on 10th.  The handgun, hat and coat were retrieved by Leavenworth Police Officers.   Forensic testing by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation found that DNA on those items matched the DNA of Wilmer.  A jury convicted Wilmer of all four of these counts in September of 2016.